Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tips for Memorial Day Travelers

With the long Memorial Day weekend approaching, Americans are bound for beaches, barbecues, parades and other gatherings to honor those who died for our nation. The holiday also kicks off summer, unofficially, so now is a perfect time to make smart travel choices that improve air quality.

If you and your friends and family will travel to the same destination together, share a ride. Splitting the cost of parking and fuel among multiple riders saves money, especially with high gas prices. More carpools mean fewer cars heading to recreational areas, alleviating congestion and pollution. To find out more about traffic conditions, check out

 If you are the driver, make sure to stop filling your gas tank when you hear the pump “click.” If you keep trying to top off the tank after the click, fumes will escape into the atmosphere instead of remaining safely in the tank.

Finally, fill your tires and check that every part of your car is in good condition. A well-maintained vehicle gets much better gas mileage, produces fewer emissions and helps ensure that you get to celebrate the holiday wherever you go!