Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clean Air NY at City of Water Day on Governor’s Island

Clean Air NY stepped outside the usual confines of New York City for an event on Governor’s Island a few weeks ago. Sponsored by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, City of Water Day celebrated the beauty and possibilities of New York City’s shoreline. Waterfront groups, green organizations and over 10,000 attendees enjoyed a gorgeous day of sun, water and environmental education. The event gave New Yorkers a chance to join in some waterfront protection initiatives and provided valuable opportunities for environmental groups to collaborate.

Clean Air NY spoke to hundreds of individuals about our program and how they could get involved. In addition to working with CommuterLink to provide mass transit directions and biking maps, Clean Air NY shared green tips and health information with people who stopped by. Attendees were eager to learn how to improve our air, and many of the families we met hoped to protect their children from high ozone levels on Air Quality Action Days.
A day spent on Governor’s Island really illuminated the beautiful waterfront that surrounds New York City. Time spent at City of Water Day highlighted the potential of our environment and the many ways we can interact with it. What better way to inspire New Yorkers to protect the outdoors and the air we breathe?

For more information on City of Water Day or the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, visit

To learn more about how you can improve New York’s air quality, see some tips at

Sarah Tansey, Clean Air NY/CommuterLink summer intern.

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