Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from Clean Air NY

The holiday season is here, bringing parties and shopping trips in abundance. It’s no secret that the holiday season also brings traffic. This year, the New York City Department of Transportation declared seven Gridlock Alert Days in December alone. The 2009 holiday traffic plan can be found here.

But remember – more traffic = more air pollution. Roughly one-third of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by cars and trucks, but the extra travel required in December does not mean air quality has to suffer. We’ve put together some special holiday tips to help you keep the air clean, even during a high-traffic season:

-Take Mass Transit. Traffic congestion in New York is an issue during winter. Beat the holiday rush and take mass transit. Taking mass transit reduces carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming by more than seven million tons a year.
-Share a Ride. When traveling to holiday parties, share a ride by carpooling or vanpooling to your destination. To find a carpool partner or vanpool, visit or .
-Combine Trips. Vehicles are more fuel efficient when they are warmed up. You could end up saving twice as much on gas consumption by taking one multipurpose trip instead of many short trips. Combine your errands into one trip and you’ll make your holidays less hectic, while helping keep New York’s air clean.
-Cut Back On Idling. Whenever possible, don’t let your car idle. For example, go into a fast-food restaurant to pick up food rather than waiting in the drive-through lane.
-Work from Home. Avoid weather hazards and spend more time with your family while working from home. If just one in 10 commuters in the New York metro area worked from home just once a week, emissions of ozone precursors would be reduced by about 5,100 tons each week – that’s the weight equivalent of 720 elephants.

You can click here to download our print-ready holiday tip poster to display around your workplace, school, community center, etc. to help educate others on the simple steps we can all take to improve New York's air quality.

Our Facebook page also has some great pre-made badges and Facebook profile pictures to help you spread the Clean Air NY holiday cheer! Check them out here.

Happy Holidays from Clean Air NY!

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