Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Has Dawned: How Are You Celebrating?

Our calendars salute April 22 as Earth Day! What can you do to commemorate the annual global event? Visit Clean Air NY at Earth Day NY’s EarthFair Outdoors at Grand Central Terminal today (4/22) and tomorrow (4/23) to meet Fresh, the Clean Air NY cloud mascot.

Clean Air NY has two new, simple ways for you to commemorate the day and to improve New York’s air quality. Join thousands of New Yorkers who are already making a difference in our air quality:
  • Idea #1: Commit to cleaner air! Click here to pledge your support to reducing traffic congestion and to creating cleaner, healthier air. Watch our YouTube Video to see who has already committed to cleaner air.

  • Idea #2: Measure your carbon footprint! Do you know how much carbon dioxide you and your family produces each year? Use this carbon emissions calculator to calculate your carbon footprint and to receive recommendations on how you can reduce those emissions with your own actions.

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