Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Create Your Air Quality Action Day Plan Now

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If you don’t already get our e-mail updates on Air Quality Action Days, sign up now and then keep reading. Otherwise, you won’t know when to put your Air Quality Action Day plan into action!

Air Quality Action Days occur when the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation declares that the air quality will be unhealthy for sensitive groups such as children, people with asthma and the elderly. On these days, we ask that Clean Air NY supporters be especially mindful of their travel choices and we send out updates on these days to alert people to take action.

We know it’s hard to change your daily routine, especially on short notice. That’s why we want to encourage you to create an action plan to help reduce air pollution during Air Quality Action Days. They can happen any time during the year and are sometimes unpredictable; having a plan in place ensures you’re ready, no matter when the Air Quality Action Day announcement is made.

There are two main ways to help reduce air pollution and to improve air quality on Air Quality Action Days:

1. Decrease your driving
  • Bike, Walk, or Take Mass Transit
  • Carpool
  • Combine Multiple Errands into One Trip
  • Eat Lunch In
2. Ensure your vehicle is doing its part to reduce emissions. Sometimes driving on an Air Quality Action Day is inevitable. If you have to drive, do these to minmize the impact:
  • Stop At the Click - Don’t Top Off Tank
  • Avoid Idling
For more suggestions on actions you can take on Air Quality Action Day, and to download our free worksheet to help you create your own customized plan of action, visit our Web site!


  1. Following the carrot and stick approach, i've always thought that idling cars should be ticketed as a priority by NYC gov in order to get drivers to stop this practice. Not enough education is out there about its harmful effects.

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