Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cleaning the Air for Dad

With Father’s Day arriving soon, we wanted to give you some ideas for gifts and activities you can do with your dad that will also improve air quality.

For gift ideas, here are a few suggestions if your dad’s a car guy: Get him a new air filter, oil filter and partially recycled oil. A well-maintained vehicle produces far fewer emissions. If you want to do even more, offer to install everything for him and pump up his tires while you’re at it! If he loves to be outdoors, get him a new pair of active footwear. Whether you run, hike or rollerblade together, you’ll both need the proper gear. This gift provides more benefits, good health as the two of you stay in shape and cleaner air for all as you reduce your carbon footprint together.

Another activity to share on Father’s Day or at any time when you’re out: If a mall or entertainment venue appears really crowded, don’t drive around in circles looking for a closer space. If you park your car at the first open spot and walk, you will cut down on extra driving and it probably won’t take you any longer to get inside. Finally, take a bike trip across some of New York’s beautiful bike trails. Use 511NY to search for bicycle routes by geographic location, and enjoy our gorgeous state of New York!

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