Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three Ways to Give the Gift of Cleaner Air this Holiday Season

Happy Holidays!image by Sister72 used under Creative Commons license

Each year, we count down to New Year’s Day as the culmination of the holiday season. Many people have time off from work to celebrate religious holidays that occur now, allowing us to gather with our friends and family for festivities. Here are three ways you can give the gift of cleaner air this holiday season.

1) Tell Your Friends and Family to Join Clean Air NY. The best way to share the gift of cleaner air is to help Clean Air NY spread our message. Telling others about Clean Air NY and getting them to join our network will help raise awareness about poor air quality and will provide them with helpful tips for reducing pollution. Send an e-mail to your family, friends and co-workers with a link to our commit signup page and share our Facebook page with your friends on Facebook.

2) Spend Time Together While Carpooling to Holiday Parties. Carpooling to parties and other events this holiday season can help reduce pollution and improve air quality and can offer an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and family. While you’re in transit, it can be a great time to connect with your fellow travelers before the excitement that occurs once you’ve arrived at your destination. Maybe you can even sing some carols!

3) Choose Eco-Friendly Gifts. For gifts this holiday season, some people on your list might appreciate one that also helps them reduce air pollution. Biking and walking are two great eco-friendly ways to travel that also provide perfect gift opportunities. While a new bicycle can be expensive, check out more affordable accessories, such as helmets, locks and tire pumps. For walkers, a pedometer, new hiking boots or reflective vests for walking at night could be great gifts.

Happy holidays from Clean Air NY!

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