Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Avoid Winter’s Driving Challenges with Alternate Ways to Travel

Tire Marks
image by Horia Varlan used under Creative Commons license

Winter storms can create challenges on our roads, more so than at any other time of the year. Using mass transit is a great alternative to driving if you have to go out in inclement weather. By taking these options instead of driving during winter storms, you can help make the commuting safer. Fewer vehicles on our streets and roadways allow snow and ice removal crews more room to operate, lower the odds of collisions and even help reduce air pollution. You can get to and from your destinations with less stress and be more productive in your daily tasks.

Another good choice for an employee, if you have an arrangement with your employer, is to work remotely. It can be a smarter idea, especially during this season. Technology ensures that the work can get done and you’ll also contribute to cleaner air, less traffic congestion and a healthier environment.

No matter what the weather, before you go, find out what you need to know through to learn the latest and most accurate information about all traffic, travel and transit conditions.

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